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Printed Sashes

Are you looking for the perfect award or an eye-catching accessory? Discover our wide variety of sashes for all occasions.

A sash with a personalized label

The most beautiful women will be honored with a sash at beauty contests or wine queens in autumn. Sashes are getting popular as costumes for hen nights, proms or the Oktoberfest. In this category you will find a large selection of sashes in different colors. According to your wishes each sash will be printed and recalls with a personal message to a special day.

Elegant sashes in high quality

Our sashes are made of tought materials and are conspicuous for their beautiful colours. For a small additional charge of 4.00 EUR we can label the back aswell. Approach us with your ideas and we will advise you.

Order honors with an individual text

This category provides an overview of all sash colours in our range. Choose the colour and design your sash at next step individually.

Browse our selection now and find a great sash in suitable designs!

Winner Ribbons

In this category you will find winner ribbons in many colours. Each loop can be labeled, according to your wishes, for free.

Colourful ribbons - inscription inclusive

Since every performance is unique, you will find a selection of single and multi-coloured ribbons that can be printed for the suitable occasion. These high quality winner ribbons are available in black, red, gold, blue and white, and many other combinations. The inscription is free!

Winner ribbons for the particular moment

Use the classy honors for various occasions such as in cycling, in rallying or as a individual gift. Athletes are pleased to hear about their outstanding achievements, which are honored in various ways and to take a souvenir back home. Our winner ribbons are ideal for this kind of gift.

Customer service: quick support by e-mail and phone

Are there any questions left about the selection of the appropriate ribbon? Our customer service will assist you at any time and will inform you about the products and their specific characteristics.

Explore this category and buy the matching winner ribbons for your club!

Winner Wreaths

In this category you will find winner wreaths in an attractive selection. Among the included products are wreaths in sizes from 55 to 65 cm.

The best for real winner

To eternize award ceremony appropriate winner wreaths may not be missed. The offered products are high-quality finished, impressive awards for various occasions. For all winning wreaths the film magazine is included in the price. The foil lettering is included at every winner wreath. You can select the ribbon, fringe and wreat color as well as the ribbon text and fount.

Wreaths: ideal for many occasions

You can order winner wreaths in the sizes of 55 cm, 60 cm and 65 cm. Wreath with different designs are ideal for occasions like distinctions at boxing matches, cycling and horse racing as well as the decoration of cars motorcycles and cars.

Fast and friendly advice

To make your shopping even mor confortable, our professional customer service is available between Mo. - Fri. 8am to 6 pm. You can get in contact with us by email or phone. We will advice you at the purchase of wreaths, so you can find the matching wreaths even easier.

Explore this category and find suitable winner wreaths for your club!

Tournament Loops

Discover our extensive range of attractive tournament loops: In each loop are 450 centre discs to choose from - so you will surely find a suitable topic!

Gorgeous lopps for every occasion

The loops, which are also known as horse and price loops complete any award ceremonys. Usually athletes are especially happy about these colorful and magnificent loops and lift them as well as trophies and other prizes. To help you finding the perfect loops for your club, we offer loops in many different colours such as brown, blue and yellow, light blue and pink.

Tournament loops: large selection of centre discs

Quite essential when buying tournament loops are the centre discs. We offer a selection of over 450 complete-mounted centre discs thereby you will always find your favorite model.

Fast customer service by email or phone

If you can not decide immediately, our competent customer will advise you. You can contact us by phone or email.

Explore this category and find the relevant tournament loops for your club!