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Victory figure Victor

The figure Victor is perfect when it comes to the honor of any special achievements.

Trophies with individual engraving - for real winner!

These victory figures are a real enrichment for every show case. The gold coloured figures, which are mounted on marble pedestals, symbolize the special moment of triumph. The figures represent a dignified distinction of outstanding performances, are high-quality processed and provide many details. The individual engraving is always free!

Experience the winner figure Victor in detail

The winners figures Victor are not only meant to be for award ceremonys, they are a great gift too. They are available in different sizes between 14.5 cm and 25 cm. With the figure Victor, you got a suitable award at every occasions.

Quick and competent advice – by email or phone

Our competent customer will advise you, if you can not decide immediately. You can contact us by email or phone.

Explore this category and decide in favour of the Victory-Figures Victor!

Victory figure Victoria

Are you looking for a special award for your award ceremony? In this category we offer the figure Victoria in several sizes.

Change your presentation ceremony into a special event

With the figure Victoria you can honour extraordinary performances classy. The trophy is a great alternative to cups and seeks with its noble look for attention. The figure with a flowing robe is held in a golden design and carries a victorious star. Our figures are not only for award ceremonys, they are a great gift idea too.

Awards with an individual engraving

On every base of the winner figures we can mount a engraving sign. This is a free service by Helm Pokale. Through personal engraving the figure Victoria is a popular souvenir and honours the performance of every winner in a special way.

Helm Pokale - your partner for extravagant trophies

At Helm Pokale you can buy the winner figure Victoria of our Star Collection. The winner figures are made of sturdy plastic and are characterised by their high-quality appearance. The black marble base provides enough space for an engraving, with your individual text.

Discover our winner figure Victoria!

Here you can order winner figures in the desired quantity. We offer the figure Victoria in different sizes. If you want personalized engraving, enter the text easily and put it in your cart.

Order the winner figure Victoria at Helm Pokale with your individual engraving!

Star Collection

You can find extraordinary trophies of our Star Collection in this category - they are perfect suitable for individual honours!

Impressive figures for special occasions

Our Star Collection honours winner in a very special way. The coruscating figures cause with their extravagant look a stir and symbolize high esteem. With its stylish design in an exclusive appearance, the stars are a great gift idea for unique occasions. Thereby you can convey your personal message in an creative way.

Includes free engraving according to your wishes

All stars of our Star Collection can be personalized with an engraving plate in gold or silver. All engravings for your individual trophies are free. The figures are made of high quality materials and are characterized by their excellent processing. With its fantastic design, the stars will be a noble eye-catcher on every shelf.

Stars of our Star-Collection in awesome designs

All figures of the Star Collection are shown in this overview. You can aquire the shiny awards in several sizes and beautiful metallic colours.

Order your star-trophies with personal engraving now!

Neutral figures & Stands

You are looking for an individual and exclusive alternative to cups? In this category you will find a wide range of neutral figures and stands, which are great for honours.

Personalized engraving text - individual honour

The engraving is free at every model. In addition, the engraving plate will already be mounted. Let us know how your individual engraving text looks like and we will personalize your figure. Make a special human a pleasure and conjure him a smile on the lips, or hand over a very special and personal distinction to the competition winner.

Number, winner figure or rose? You have the choice

We offer a wide range of figures in metal or plastic. The high-quality figures are available in different designs. The numbers one, two or three are available in different designs aswell. Or should it rather the winners figure be gold-coloured or silver-coloured? The exclusive rose-character is s very special and individual honour. The figures are between 13 cm and 29 cm.

Special awards with special characters

Browse our selection now and make someone a special gift. Share your personal message with him or shine at the next competition with individual and extravagant trophies for any purpose. Make your awards to something special!


You are looking for an individual gift? You need something for a special honour? In this category you will find everything you are looking for. Whether the subject is occupations, photography, wedding or drawing - here you will surely find a wide range of figures on all these issues.

Bridal Couple, Cook and cameraman - the very special figure

The perfect gift for every wedding: a high-quality figure with a personal engraving. Whether wedding couple or champagne glasses, a figure for silver or golden weddings - here you will definitly find the suitable one for your personal purpose.

Free engraving at every figure

Make your gift unique and let us engrave your personal message. This service is free of charge. The engraving plate will be mounted aswell.

Award for training qualifications or final degrees

You can find a wide range of figures in the category occupations. Our figures are a great and unique gift for the distinction of graduates and for a colleague, who is leaving the company.

Browse our selection now and make someone a special gift. In every situation: We got something for your purpose. You can already look forward to present your special figures at an award ceremony!

Ladies Line
The figures and trophies of Ladies Line impress with its pink hue and its feminine touch. Whether gymnastics, soccer, softball, see this category many trophies and figures in the color pink.
Wooden Plates

Browse this category for classic wooden plates with free engraving and suitable centre discs.

Elegant awards and creative gift ideas

With their traditional design and a personal engraving, the wooden plates will turn into special awards for all types of events. Honour venerable long-standing club members or employees for their services with individualized plates. The plates are suitable decorated with a great photo printing or engraving for the occasion.

Awards with personal dedication

Wood plates can be mounted on the wall. Create the panel with a standard centre disc of your choice and personalize the award with a beautiful engraving. The engravings are free and made in our in-house manufacture.

Select wood plates suitable for the occasion

In our online shop you will find plates with designed frames, classic centre discs and coloured surfaces. Discover our variety of awesome designs for any occasion. After selecting the desired wood panels you can enter your personal engraving text in the box below.

Order individually engraved wood plates with a natural touch now!

Winner Wreaths

In this category you will find winner wreaths in an attractive selection. Among the included products are wreaths in sizes from 55 to 65 cm.

The best for real winner

To eternize award ceremony appropriate winner wreaths may not be missed. The offered products are high-quality finished, impressive awards for various occasions. For all winning wreaths the film magazine is included in the price. The foil lettering is included at every winner wreath. You can select the ribbon, fringe and wreat color as well as the ribbon text and fount.

Wreaths: ideal for many occasions

You can order winner wreaths in the sizes of 55 cm, 60 cm and 65 cm. Wreath with different designs are ideal for occasions like distinctions at boxing matches, cycling and horse racing as well as the decoration of cars motorcycles and cars.

Fast and friendly advice

To make your shopping even mor confortable, our professional customer service is available between Mo. - Fri. 8am to 6 pm. You can get in contact with us by email or phone. We will advice you at the purchase of wreaths, so you can find the matching wreaths even easier.

Explore this category and find suitable winner wreaths for your club!

Tournament Loops

Discover our extensive range of attractive tournament loops: In each loop are 450 centre discs to choose from - so you will surely find a suitable topic!

Gorgeous lopps for every occasion

The loops, which are also known as horse and price loops complete any award ceremonys. Usually athletes are especially happy about these colorful and magnificent loops and lift them as well as trophies and other prizes. To help you finding the perfect loops for your club, we offer loops in many different colours such as brown, blue and yellow, light blue and pink.

Tournament loops: large selection of centre discs

Quite essential when buying tournament loops are the centre discs. We offer a selection of over 450 complete-mounted centre discs thereby you will always find your favorite model.

Fast customer service by email or phone

If you can not decide immediately, our competent customer will advise you. You can contact us by phone or email.

Explore this category and find the relevant tournament loops for your club!

You are looking for a certificate for honoring special achievements, then you are in the category certificate just right. The certificate can be provided with your desired individual text.
Award accessories

You already got prices like these, but they are provided with another centre disc or engraving? In this category you will find a selection of engraving plates and centre discs for your trophies.

Free engraving at every plate

Engraving plates and engravings are at every honourary award of our shop free. At additional engraving signs the engraving is free of charge aswell.

Design your prizes individually

With our trophy accessories you can create something individual and personal. Let us engrave names or a message on a plate or print individual centre discs.

Small,meduim, or large? You've got the choice!

We offer engraving plates in different sizes. Choose between 60 mm x 20 mm, 80 mm x 30 mm, 130 mm x 60 mm and 150 mm x 100 mm. The signs are available in gold- or silver-coloured and made of two-layered acrylic.

Individual centre discs with a personal printing

Our individual centre discs are personal accessory for your trophies. These will be printed by us with the sublimation process. We offer this accesory in 25 mm and 50 mm diameter. In addition you can opt for one of our default centre discs. They are silver-coloured and made of aluminum and available in the diameters of 25 mm or 50 mm.

Decide now and individualize your own trophies!